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A Continuous Onslaught Of SEO Tips, Strategies & Knowledge…Without The Monthly FEE!

Learn How To Thrive Online From Some Of The Most Successful Internet Marketers In The World!

  • NO B.S. REAL SEO Advice from truly knowledgeable SEO people whose incomes are derived mainly from performing well for their clients
  • Strategies that work day in, day out despite all the algorithm updates that seem to leave a lot of people flat-lined with their websites
  • Interviews with Experts, strategies outlined, Q and A sessions with PROs, webinars….
  • Access to some private deals, private packages (join just for this, even if you ignore all the other info inside)
  • …and some stuff you might not want to hear nor agree with (sorry it's no fluff no B.S. inside here!)
Are you ready to access this awesome content and rapidly grow your online business?

WHO should get this?

Newbies? Intermediates? Professionals?


Whatever this site ends up costing you, it is not worth anything at all unless you're going to believe and implement.  Truth be told…. (for once)  newbies are more susceptible to being trained well, but also more susceptible to being led astray because the open mind lets in all schools of thought which is good for learning, but not so good for focusing on actionable items that seem less sexy than shortcut SEO tricks and what-not. 

Noobs (in general) also make less money so they will be more demanding and will want Page 1 on a platter without liftng a finger (slight exaggeration, slight…), so my goal is also to help you and everyone else who joins Marketer's Relief to earn more money.  This means focusing on conversions and traffic generation in addition to (and hopefully instead of) SEO and link building.


Intermediates and PROs- 

Intermediates and PROs will join Marketer's Relief just to check it out and look for some golden nuggets, whilst holding on to a pre-set core of beliefs that might be hard to shake…which is fine, since it's not my intention to retrain your brain.  If you're truly an intermediate or professional webmaster, then you know enough to know there's so much you/we don't know…   One thing I've always loved about blogging at was that SEO professionals visit the site as well as newbies and intermediate types, and the more knowledgeable the audience is/was, the more they could hold my feet to the fire and not let me serve up any  content fluff or crap reviews…

The goal here is to turn noobs into intermediates, and to give PROs a place to stay abreast  of the SEO landscape without scouring the well known SEO "authority sites" for nuggets.  How many SEO authority sites rehash what search engines write on their webmasters blog, reword it up as their own, whilst throwing in a complaint or two to seem like leaders in their field?  How's that considered authority, I don't know…


Who's providing the top-notch content that will make your SEO life a lot easier?

  • Affiliate marketers with lots of websites (because they, and their websites fit the profile of most people who are struggling with SEO)
  • PRO-fessional SEO service providers…people who have dozens of clients and have managed hundreds of clients' websites.  Their income isn't hobby income but mortgage paying income so they HAVE to know "what's up", or it's back to being a Cisco engineer or a tech sales rep or whatever it is they/we all did before becoming full-timer "earners "via the internet.
  • No brand name gurus (not too many of them like me anyways phhhht!)
  • No white-hat/gray-hat/black-hat only types, not unless they prove themselves to me


Some questions and concerns that will be addressed during interviews and Q & A sessions…

  • What's working now, what doesn't work well anymore?
  • What do they have to offer their clients, us, you… (any special deals, offers, tools, services, tips?
  • How important is site architecture, structure for getting traffic and rankings?
  • Best methods and sources for Traffic Generation- It's really the end game isn't it?  Leads, opt-ins, new business?  that comes from traffic not rankings and the two aren't mutually exclusive

Why are these high end SEO folks giving so freely of their time? (Casting all Polyanna sentimentalities aside…)

Why would an SEO making 30k/month be willing to shed some insight on traffic generation and SEO stuff, for free?  (We're not paying them for their time, but as a member of Marketer's Relief, you will be paying for me to work my butt off getting some good information for you)

  • They get to brand themselves a bit, they might/should get some new clients, based on trust earned via good answers given.
  • They will get to see what people are struggling with on a constant basis
  • and yes, all cynicism aside, they get to help some people out


WHY am I starting this closed community, but limiting it to just 500 members?

Article networks, middle man blog networks, private blog networks… they all work to some extent but historically, almost all of them get outed, get found out… leaving people wondering where to go next, what new thing, what new tool, what new service, link types, or network should be used… to game rankings.

Sometimes, when a service becomes too popular too soon, it has the effect of devaluing the effectiveness of that network.  The popularity of has gotten to the point whereby an announcement of an effective service can, and HAS caused those networks some damage, especially if they were trying to remain under the radar.

Nobody's fault really, but that's not really the point here…

I want you to have someone else besides myself giving you advice on things, I want you to see the other side, or other sides to the whole website promotions equation…

On I'm an affiliate of a few things, and I only promote what I think is effective, but if doing this merely caused you long-term strife I want to keep things private.  That's why I'm probably going to give you more access to what I know and what others know about SEO and traffic generation.  A lot of people have told me that the aforementioned blog should be a paid, password-protected blog anyways, so here's a way to get access to the stuff I don't share on that blog.

Your Marketer's Relief memmbership includes…

Interviews with Experts that I've dealt with in the past

Contact details for these experts (blog, url, email, Twitter follow etc…)

Some webinars will be held, too.  I'm not a huge fan of video or audio content presentation but this is about you, not me so yes, webinars

Q and A sessions with the panel (basically a word document sent to them all with expectations of thorough answers received)

My analysis/interpretation/summary of what the panel of experts, or a particular interviewee had to say

There will be a lot more but I don't want to over promise and under deliver.

NOTE: Marketer's Relief will be sold out at some point.

  1. MEMBERSHIP will be limited to 500 people.
  2. Once launched, we will promote this on forums at a higher price then price will get raised again..
  3. Then a select few affiliates will be chosen and allowed to promote the site, to offset attrition rates..

The point to this transparency above is to let you know that I will close the ranks at some point, and that this will be a major roll out to ensure a quick fill of member registrations so I can concentrate on delivering value to you. 

I want this to be a closed membership because the less people who have this knowledge, the better (boo! did I scare you with my fear-loss pre-sales hype there?)

All I really want to do is get good actionable content into your hands, and not have to worry about self-promotion of this site, peace!

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